Warehouse Management System - Beyond The Four Wall

Adaris™ - Acatech’s best-of-breed, cloud-based Warehouse Management Solution. We designed our system with your clients, your warehouse operation, and your management team in mind. It is simple to operate, yet providing a real time, dynamic view to all of the current happenings - inbound/outbound activities, order fulfillment status, labor costs, and much more. Our vast experience encompasses not only in Information Technology but also on-the-floor/day-to-day operation. Our engineering group can either augment your existing project teams, using your own delivery approach and methodologies, or we can manage and co-ordinate the delivering of the total solution, which may include racking/shelving, material handling equipment, warehouse design and layout.

We excel at our core competency so you can excel at yours


Third Party Logistics

As a third party logistics provider, your company has to develop processes and strategies to meet every client's business demands. It is important to streamline your operation in order to continually improve on your productivity and profitability. No matter what your customer’s business rules are, AndarisTM can meet your needs. Whether you are starting out with shell space, or have a fully racked warehouse, we can help your company to obtain the shortest execution time from product receiving to final shipping while obtaining real time visibility to your overall operation.

Warehousing and Distribution

Andaris™'s simplistic, yet sophisticated approach to directed put away allows warehouse operation staff to update received items quickly and make ready for salealmost immediately. This results in significantly reduced inventory errors while increasing inventory visibility and turns.Dynamic slotting, which has been proven to reduce slot maintenance and honeycombing effect in the warehouse. A Replenishment model that supports uninterrupted picking processes. Our labor, production, and performance tracking tool provides the backbone to all your KPI's.


Whether your company sells through a direct channel, or via E-commerce sites, having the ability to manage your sales order status up to the second is vital to your business. Our Andaris™ system is 100% live, resulting in inventory, as well as order being visible at all time, even during transition. The ability to reserve and allocate inventories to an order, as well as making adjustment to an existing order enables your company to meet the ever changing consumer's demands and expectations.


When speaking about fulfillment, one often associates the term with the general process spanning from point of sale to the delivery of orders. There's more to fulfillment than order entry, pick and pack, and shipping of products.

How does your organization respond to customer orders? How does your demand lead time compare to the customer's or the competitive lead time? What are your strategic order fulfillment options, such as Build-to- order (BTO), Assemble-to- order (ATO), Make-to- Stock (MTS), Print-on- Demand (POD)? How do you define the order sourcing and planning? Where to establish regional fulfillment centers in order to streamline shipping and transportation costs? These are just some of the determining factors in establishing a successful, streamlined Fulfillment operation.

It takes more than warehousing space, material handling equipment, transportation cost options. Acatech brings to the table over twenty years of experience in IT and Operation. We know how to seamlessly move your products and data, enabling your company to do what you do better - developing and marketing your products.

We excel at our core competency so you can excel at yours™

Why Acatech

One simple key factor to differentiate Acatech from the rest - our approach. We think outside the box. Your business is far from mundane, so why should you settle for a mundane solution? We strive to understand your business strategies in order to develop a solution that will adapt and grow alongside your company. It is the industry challenge for continuous improvement that keeps us motivated to do better, everyday.

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We excel at our core competency so you can excel on yours™